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Webcon Constructions Since 2001

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ABN: 46911663710 

Webcon Constructions, was established in Brisbane's Southeast in the year 2001. Owned and managed by Clayton Webster & Anthony Conias, we are committed to meeting the growing needs for construction and building in Queensland's Southeast and the surrounding areas. With Experience combined of over 50 years we have a real understanding of the requirements and expectations of the ‘Client’.

 We are continually employing local trades and apprentices and we now believe we are structured to take on a larger capacity of work and therefore be of greater value to our clients and potential clients.

Webcon Constructions specialise in Industrial/Commercial projects with a confident attitude that comes from valuable experience. Tilt Panel Complexes or Large Sheeted Sheds, alterations to existing complexes or additions, any size project is managed in the same professional way.

Webcon Constructions has vast experience in additions, restorations, alterations and renovations to existing dwellings. We can help you make important decisions and suggest items and issues that may have been overlooked, ultimately achieving the best result for our clients.

 Our dedication at Webcon Constructions will assist and guide you in each and every step of the development process. Webcon Constructions has the experience and the knowledge to successfully give you the best product on time and on budget. Come and check out our plans or have plans personally designed to suit your requirements. By deciding to build with Webcon Constructions your development process is guaranteed to run smoothly with the level of service that will make your development worth its while and meet its maximum potential.

 Webcon Constructions and its vast array of specialty trades to suit the project at hand, will assure the best finish that you the client is hoping for and will expect when investing your well earned money into such large investments.

 Webcon Constructions also offers other building firms the experience needed to complete projects, with our skills in project management, time flows, budgets and quoting, workplace health and safety, and all facets of the construction industry will provide reassurance of a job completed near to budget and completion within a realistic time frame.

 In 25 years of consistent work , Both of us Clayton Webster and Anthony Conias of Webcon Constructions take pride in our building ethics, which has seen every client pleased and willing to use our company time and time again. Having never been called back to a project on any complaint, speaks volumes for the standard we expect from ourselves as well as what the client expects.

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Our Occupational Health, Safety and Rehabilitation Policy is based on a belief that the well-being of people employed at work, or people affected by our work, is a major priority and must be considered during all work performed on our behalf.

People are our most important asset and their health and safety is our greatest responsibility. The public shall be given equal priority to that of our employees.

The objectives of our safety policy are:

To achieve an accident free workplace.

•            To make health and safety an integral part of every managerial and supervisory decision.

•            To ensure health and safety is considered in all planning and work activities.

•            To involve our employees in the decision making process through regular communication, consultation and training.

•            To provide a continuous program of education and learning to ensure that our employees work in the safest possible manner.

•            To identify and control all possible hazards in the workplace through hazard identification and risk analysis.

•            To ensure all potential accidents/incidents are controlled and prevented.

•            To provide effective injury management and rehabilitation for all employees.

The success of our health and safety management is dependent on:

•            Pro-active planning of all work activities with due consideration given to implementing occupational health and safety (OH&S) controls that are suitable to each given situation.

•            Understanding the total work process and associated OH&S risks; by ongoing training of the work force and constant monitoring of work procedures.

•            Ensuring the work team is totally committed to our objectives.

•            Ensuring that open and honest communications exist between management and all our employees.

•            We stress the need to all our employees to follow safe work practices and comply with safety instructions given to them.


Webcon Constructions is committed to providing a high level of customer service and quality workmanship and will strive to ensure that the quality of the workmanship and services it delivers will be in accordance with client expectations and specifications.


Webcon Constructions is dedicated to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment and to protect human health and conserve resources.

        We have a commitment to demonstrate due diligence in the ongoing management of our projects and their effects on the environment.

In order to ensure that these commitments are met we will:

•            Identify, review and manage the significant aspects of our business and will integrate these activities with our quality assurance and health and safety programs.

•            Use products and processes that will not cause damage to the environment where possible the impact on the environment shall be assessed in the early stages of the development.

•            All residual wastes shall be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.

•            Gain knowledge on environmental matters from official sources and ensure that this knowledge is passed onto our employees, customers and the general public regarding potential and actual hazards of processes, products or waste.

•            Act in a manner that will minimize emergencies and incidents, but at the same time have a plan of action to respond quickly and effectively in the case of such an event happening.

Webcon Constructions has an environmental management system in place, and will continuously monitor and review our activities to ensure their compliance and our due diligence is met. This policy shall be reviewed throughout the year and annually by senior management to reinforce our commitment to a clean and safe environment.

These policies will be reviewed at least once a year to ensure it meets our ongoing commitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace with quality workmanship at all times.


Webcon Constructions is fully committed to the implementation and ongoing monitoring of our company's Policies and Objectives in all aspects of our Occupational Health Safety and Environment responsibilities.

To achieve this aim we shall endeavour to provide all personnel, visitors and members of the public who may be affected by our operations with a safe and healthy environment, by complying with our Occupational Health Safety-and Environmental responsibilities set down under current state legislation.

Webcon Constructions, in our role as Principal Contractors, recognize the importance of consultation and communication with Trades and/or Subcontractors employed on our projects, it is therefore a requirement of each subcontractor to provide their own Safe Work Method Statements specific to the tasks being performed.

Subcontractors shall be responsible for the safety of themselves and their workers by ensuring all plant and equipment provided by them is of industrial commercial quality and safe for use. They will be expected to implement consultative measures structured so as to encourage worker participation through the election by workers of Safety representatives and safety committees.

Health and safety is a team effort involving each and every person, workers, visitors and others coming to site should contribute equally to maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment.

Health and safety is a shared responsibility:

No one person or section of the organization alone is responsible for Occupational Health and Safety within the company; each individual has a responsibility to ensure the health safety and welfare of themselves and their co-workers, by not exposing themselves or others to risks by their acts or omissions.

Everyone at the workplace has a

‘Duty of Care’

‘You must take reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions

that you could reasonably foresee would injure somebody'


Webcon Constructions shall endeavour to ensure that all young and inexperienced workers are protected from the risks of injury or illness arising from workplace hazards. Special consideration will be given to all young and inexperienced workers due to their limited knowledge of construction activities and their obligations under the WH&S Act.

Young workers will receive the appropriate training, instruction and information needed to assist them in understanding safe work practices and procedures.

Young workers will be monitored by the company's onsite management team, to ensure safe work practices are adhered to. Extra care and attention will be given to the provision of information, training and supervision to ensure as far as practical that young workers are not exposed to risks at work.

ALL Young workers will be protected from “Bullying” and any worker caught or reported bullying a younger inexperienced worker will be dismissed without notice. Not only do we have a legal responsibility to protect our young workers, we also have a moral responsibility.

We all started with no or limited knowledge and Webcon Constructions will make training and promoting young workers a priority, and making a young worker safe from risk will ensure they succeed in the Construction Industry.