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Modern Style


Modern style interior is based on the principle, “less is more” it means the less furniture you have, the better it will look. This style is the ultimate choice of today’s generation. Modern rooms tend to have straight and plain furniture frequently in dark wood tones or black. Dark colours give the room stylishness, classy and contemporary look. Usually a few decorative items such as tables, sofas; are a few chosen items shown in a room.

Modern Bedroom Style

In order to give a modern look to a bedroom, you can try a couple of things from the ideas below. Place low level bed with two side tables and lamps. You can also keep sculptures, paintings on walls, ottomans, lights such as a big chandelier, wall papers and rugs. A dresser with stylish chair adds more elegant touch to the room

Modern Living Room Style

Living room reflects beauty contents and aesthetic sense of house owner. In modern style you can arrange living room furniture with sofas, armchairs, coffee table, dining table, chairs, wall accents, TV units, bookcases, ottomans and other decorative items. Put a few bright colours candles in funky candle holders to give your living room modern appearance

Modern Kitchen Style

A modern kitchen design can fill you with energy to try different things. It creates a clutter-free space to work independently in the kitchen. These kitchens have advantage of pull-out drawers. You can opt for white colour and chairs with no arms or bar tools for modern look.

Modern Dining Room Style

If you always want to enjoy your meal with your family and friends and feel something special at your home, decorate your dining room in modern style using modern furniture like big dining table with glass top and stylish chairs. Use a big and colourful chandelier above dining table or decorative lights in your dining room as it looks very beautiful. Hang decorative curtains on glass windows in charming or attractive colours like sparkling red, brown or white. 

Modern Bathroom Style

Modern bathroom gives you spacious feel and relaxing atmosphere. Usually, light blues, purple, green and pink, orange colours provide you comfort and soothe your body and mind. Soft lighting, lush paints and wall mirrors also attain calming, modern touch in a bathroom. Modern bathrooms are no longer limited to cold and white fixtures. Bath tubs, sinks, basins are available in a large variety of colours and materials and can go well with everyone’s choice.

French style

Mystery, romance and comfort are the core of French style. French style interior offers an elegant and cosy atmosphere in home. Dreamy light colours for walls and linens add float curtaining and lots of delicate accessories are some basics of French style interior

Contemporary Style

Contemporary style is simple, clean and offers an uncluttered look. Individual pieces of furniture are essentials of contemporary style. The lighting fixtures are installed to highlight specific element or piece like paintings, pictures etc. Track lighting and recessed lighting are used to light a room in contemporary style.

Contemporary Style Bedroom

The bed placed in the middle of bedroom gives more spacious look.  Dark colour woods, glass and contemporary sofas and dark metal accessories are used in contemporary style bedroom. Contemporary furniture shows symmetrical arrangements of their designs and patterns. A pair of side tables, a piece of artworks, paintings, some useful items like clocks, books and lamps etc is placed to beautify the room. The white, black, chocolate, brown and accents like red, yellow and green enhance the look of bedroom walls. Track lighting is an essential element of contemporary style bedroom. Heavily textured fabric gives warmth to contemporary style bedroom. You can use rugs in white, black, beiges colours to give contemporary look to your bedroom. 

Contemporary living room

The people who want to enjoy comfort, elegance and innovations of their living room tend to go for contemporary style living room. The living room furniture includes low level sofa and table with glass, TV stands, colourful cushions, stools covered by leather in various shapes like square, cubes etc. accent tables and chairs, wicker furniture, wicker coffee tables etc. offer  contemporary style to your living room. Floor lamps and track lighting are mostly used in contemporary style interior. Soft colours for window treatments, pillows in heavily textured fabrics like wool, cotton, linen, silk, and jute show textured appeal.

Contemporary Style Kitchen

To give contemporary look to your kitchen go with luxury gloss, wood finish and high tech appliances like pull-out drawers. Contemporary kitchen provides a clutter-free space in your kitchen. The door of the kitchen should be flat and handle free. Free standing kitchen is also an element of contemporary style. The cabinets from floor to ceiling give a clutter free space in the kitchen. Stainless steel and white appliances gives contemporary look to your kitchen. Ceramic tiles, linoleum, vinyl are the best options for kitchen flooring. You can also use granite and stainless steel countertops for contemporary kitchen.

Contemporary Style Dining Room

Contemporary style dining room gives cosy look to your dining room. The dining room includes a variety of chairs with contemporary wood and metal chairs having contemporary fabrics such as leather, cotton or velvet. A china cabinet also looks good in contemporary dining room. These cabinets are used to show collection of dishes and storage space in dining. The dining room furniture is simple, in straight lines and in trend also. The plants and flowers are placed in containers in dining room. The frame of pictures and paintings in matte black, dark wood and with metal finish gives an art finish to your dining room.

Contemporary style bathroom

Latest accessories and fixtures give contemporary look to your bathroom.  Glass, ceramic, stainless materials are used in contemporary bathrooms. Washbasins are also available in a variety of colours and shapes such as round, square and rectangular. Showers in place of bathtub are used as an element of contemporary bathroom. Vanity cabinets should be according to the size of your bathroom and the colour should match with colour scheme and other fixtures of bathroom. Mosaic tiles of white and off white colour provide contemporary style to your bathroom.

Ethnic Style

Ethnic style is intended for stunning and luminous shades in your home. This style includes carved furniture and gives you a wide range of furniture options. In ethnic style, stunning designs are inspired by different cultures. Ethnic creates a warm and cosy atmosphere in the rooms. Vibrant colours and jewel tones are used in ethnic. Here are some tips to decorate your home in “Ethnic Style”.

Traditional Style

Traditional interior offers classy, impressive and peaceful environment to your home. Interior décor of Traditional style might look classic or outdated yet this style is focal point for its fabric that’s neither too shiny nor too textured.  The fabric with floral pattern, mid-range tone colours, geometric patterns and muted plaids with strips is just comfortable. In fact Traditional interior is elegant and gives uncluttered look to the furnishing of your home. A few aspects of traditional interior are following. 

Rustic Style

Rustic style interior creates wildlife ambience in your homes. Rustic style is also one of several interior styles available to decorate home such as Ethnic Style Interior, Modern Style Interior, Traditional Style Interior, Contemporary Style Interior etc.  This style is country style and everyone must know his/her country style. In Rustic Style all accessories, furnishings, lightings give a feel of wildlife. Rustic life style goes through wild life, accents and cottage logs. Home decoration is an inspiration that comes from imagination. You have to apply your thoughts practically. A variety of designs is available for your choice of interior and exterior décor of the home. You have to look through them keenly, compare and evaluate their appearances, characteristics and uniqueness and then go for the best one. You should think about aptness of idea not just by the way it looks but by aesthetic appeal it gives. The following ornamental tips will help you to make your home looks more amazing, well ventilated and well-designed.


Apply Trendy Colours

Pick colour palette cautiously while selecting background colours for walls, flooring, window treatments and articles of furniture. Select the colours which are currently in fashion and keep excellence for a few years. Neutral and earthy colours are secured and its combination gives calming effect to the room. Colours like yellow, green, red are in fashion. As it’s very difficult to replace colours of floors, windows etc. so choose such colours as last long.

Apply Monotone Theme

Same tone decoration seems to be very large. You should use such a devise as gives monotone (same tone) with colour palate. The monotone like white sofas, white table, and white glass can be pleasant with colour cushions and garnishes. Brown and tan colours are used for warm monotone.

Hang Conspicuous Paintings

Paintings are good to make walls pretty. The way to arrange paintings plays an important role as it modifies whole of the room. This makes the room seems bigger. It is essential to choose eye catching paintings for attraction to the guests.  Also you have to decide which colours and glooms are attractive. Choose those colours which impress you the most. Light colours look pretty on wall paintings and provide pleasing sense to the eyes

Use Decorative Lights

Use lighting sensibly by arranging it in a form of triangle while positioning lamps. Use coffee or yellow shade to make a warm glow, style and mood more appealing. You have to use lamp lighting rather than overhead lighting i.e. spot lighting.

Apply Whimsical Lamps

Lamps are considered nice to give warmness and superiority to dinning room. On each side of the room lean lamp should be used for comfy look. Yellow or mica shade gives tranquil effect and provides a sense of love and greeting to dinning room. Stunning lamps on table is another approach to make the room warm and cosy.

Make Use of Stylish Furniture

The furniture is a great way to make décor of your home. Slip covers are nice to make over your furniture and will also help to add further life to your furniture. Pillows and cushions also give tranquil effect to home. Table covers with similar fabrics are utilizing for curtains which give fabulous makeover to your room.

Place Sofas Properly

Place sofas at a little distance from the wall. The two sofas placed in a ‘V’ form between the tables look in a parallel form. The carpet placed under table looks nice.

Use Beautiful Curtains

Curtains are used to raise artistic and visual appeal of the room. Charming curtains provide aesthetic look and present a conspicuous style. The variety of curtains depends on functionality for which the drapes are being made. The curtains are used to embellish window. They give seclusion and add to the charm of drawing room. You can opt for the colour of curtains with continuity or with little bit contrast.

Use Attractive Pillows

Sofa pillows are primarily used as garnishes. Attractive cushions are mainly arranged on ‘Settee’ to give them pleasant gaze. They can be finished through a diversity of fabric. It gives tranquil effect to the room and appears to be trendy. It can transform the mood of atmosphere. Sofa pillows can be positioned deliberately at special places to give gazing impression in room.

Select Right Flooring

All types of flooring needs care whether it is laminate flooring or wooden flooring.  If your life is too busy and leads to energetic way to live, you will need such flooring that is simple to look and require very little efforts to maintain. Hardwood flooring is simple to clean but sometimes needs to be maintained. Laminate flooring resembles hardwood flooring in case of maintenance. It is easy to sustain and clean up the floor with the help of damp wash. Ceramic flooring is also a sort of flooring which is easy and needs a little care. But it does need to care once a year. Carpet surely requires little maintenance and apart from that it can be tricky to clean up.

Make Use of Stylish Ceiling

Well designed ceiling enhances the look of a room and attracts everyone. Any shape and shade creates a soft composition. The designs you opt for your ceilings depend on the accommodation like interior décor depends on ambiance, lighting, ventilation etc. Its furnishing quality adds stylishness to the home which put aside the money spent on lighting. Various types of ceilings are available in the market like wooden ceiling, Plaster of Paris ceiling and Hardboard ceiling. In wooden ceiling, the board should be used of good quality timber whereas in plaster of Paris it is self made and makes the room attractive

Display Decorative Items

Display collections like dolls, paperweights or show piece that you like for warm look at the same place. It will be eye catching decoration and look more pleasing when they are all together. It would be nice place to show off your all collections of dolls and statues or show pieces.


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