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Multi Unit Industrial Development - Stage 1 of 2

Ellerslie Road Industrial Park, Meadowbrook QLD 4131

Commercial and Industrial Services

Webcon Constructions concede, successful projects just don’t happen. The correct group of people have to be engaged and the right conditions have to be established to attain the best outcome. Webcon Constructions likes to contribute in the conceptual design stage on a project and either project manage the design team on behalf of the client (the owner’s agent)  or otherwise become part of the group managed by the owner's manager or Engineer.
The client definitely reaps reward as we are not just experienced construction builders, our input utilised correctly can be highly valuable to the client providing a full range of services. e.g. With budgets in mind produce a product that works within the acceptable funds available, keeping over ambitious plan drawers in check and being "brutally honest" when expectations far out way reality.

Webcon Constructions is an established dependable partnership business and has vast contacts to the best management in construction, trade contractors, material suppliers and  tradesmen living in South East Queensland.

Webcon Constructions are licensed commercial builders providing services from small projects to extensive multi classed complexes, list of services offered are as follows;


  • Industrial - Tilt Panel Construction, Portal Frame, Sheet Metal, Blockwork


  • Ritek Wall Systems - Accredited Installer for Ritek Walling Systems


  • Commercial - Office Fitouts


  • Residential - Entry Level Housing to Multi Storey High End Developments


  • Industrial Concreting


  • Post and Pre tension concrete complex systems


  • Design and Construct (Town Planning to Final Working Drawings, Including all facets of drafting - Hydraulics, Electrical, Structural Steel, Tilt Panel Design and Schedule, Landscaping etc.)


  • Project Management - All Aspects of Construction


  • Mosques and Churches (Floor Plans of any size)


  • Large Hardstand Areas


  • Bio-Retention Systems and Swales


  • Bridge Construction and Culvert Systems


  • Civil Works Constructions (All aspects)


  • Feasibility Studies and Cost Projections


  • Project Consultancy and Time Flow Management

View our portfolio for the construction proof of our experience, with work ranging from "Principle Contractor" to being able to provide our experience down to the "Site management"