Client Brief

The client brief is a document that is used as a starting point in designing a home, and is formed first by the client and then refined with the help of a building designer or, in this case, you.

The client brief will act as a guide throughout the design process and will help form the "foundation" of your home design. The client brief should contain all your most fundamental requirements such as: "our home must be open plan and be an extension of the backyard", "the house must be clean and airy", or "our holiday home will be a haven from city life".

You should collect any pictures, samples (paints, fabrics etc), and any other items that will act as a visual prompt during the design process and give everyone involved a general feel for what you want.

It is essential that your wishes and essential requirements are understood as clearly as possible right from the very beginning.

Note that a client brief does not have to be a lengthy document, often one page will be enough, but your brief should be seriously discussed with the other people in your life who will have a vested interest in the home before design work begins.



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